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What is Officetel apartment - Characteristics and price of Officetel Binh Duong apartment on the market

Officetel Binh Duong

Officetel Binh Duong apartment

What is Officetel apartment - Characteristics and price of Officetel Binh Duong apartment on the market

Are you in need of buying and selling Officetel apartments? However, you do not fully understand the concept, what are the characteristics of Officetel apartments? So do not miss the following answers.

One of the current hot real estate trends that are interested by investors is Officetel apartments. Many large and small projects on the market are deploying apartments and receive many highly appreciated comments. But because this is a new apartment model, few people know and understand what an Officetel apartment is. That is why www.officetel.vn will answer all information about this trendy apartment model.

What is the definition of Officetel apartment?

In general what an apartment Officetel is in fact is not too difficult to understand. Right from the name of the apartment also shows the construction model and the function of the product.


Officetel apartments
What is Officetel Apartments?

Specifically, the Officetel name is a combination of two main phrases, Office and Hotel. In which Office is understood to be an office. And Hotel is a hotel to rest, stay overnight.

Based on that analysis we can understand what the Officetel is like? In fact, this is an office-hotel apartment product. In a way that is easier to understand, it is an office model with full features of a home interwoven hotel and office with modern trends.

That is why Officetel apartments do not have the same rigid design as conventional office types. Instead, the product is designed with full amenities. Or more specifically, a multi-purpose apartment or multi-purpose office meets the needs of both resting and working.

History of the Officetel apartments

Apartment Officetel is what you already know as above. According to many documents, these apartments appeared for the first time in the Officetel building built in Korea. Specifically, the building was built from the 1980s to the 1990s in the city of Seoul by Korea Development Corporation. In that, in 1980, the apartment was introduced and in 1990, 2000, it started to be popular.


Officetel apartments
Officetel apartments first appeared in Korea

Along with the development of the Korean economy and high demand for office space, rental and purchase fees are now relatively expensive. So some businesses started to avoid the rules of renting, or buying an apartment to live in. At the same time make use of office work to save costs. Also from here this type of apartment is spread around the world as it is today. And now the regulations on housing law for the Officetel apartment model are also enacted.

In the Vietnamese market, Officetel apartments have only appeared in the past few years. But the product has quickly attracted a large number of interested investors. The time when the price of office space increases is also the time when Officetel is the first choice.


Features of the Officetel apartment

Officetel apartment model was formed and applied for a long time in many developed countries. However, when being imported into Vietnam, some features of the apartment have changed. This depends on the characteristics of each country to change, not just for Vietnam. So what are the features of Officetel apartments?


Officetel apartments
Features of Officetel Binh Duong apartment

● Flexibility in working time as well as daily activities. Thus, it saves time as well as travel costs

● The product is provided with a full range of standard office facilities. Including: Separate aisle, Professional Elevator, Reception Area, Reception, Desk, Company Name Board

● Support for temporary residence registration while resting overnight without limitation of transaction hours. At the same time, to fully utilize the facilities of the building. Including: GYM Gym, Swimming Pool, Community Living Room, Amusement Park, Green Park, Food Restaurant

● Be able to work in a high knowledge environment in apartments. These are potential customers that business does not need to spend on marketing expenses

● Able to use residential facilities as well as high commercial features.

● The apartment fully meets the needs of young entrepreneurs, small and medium companies. Either teams or groups with representative offices or project research groups.


Officetel Binh Duong apartment
Officetel apartment prices are quite diverse today


Officetel apartment selling price

Based on such impressive plus points, how much are Officetel apartments nowadays? In fact, Officetel apartments own cheaper average selling price than other apartments. In which, the current price offered for sale in the market ranges from 1.5 billion VND to over 3 billion VND / unit. The area of ​​each apartment is from 25m2 to maximum 200m2. Depending on the needs of people to use, depending on location, design,…. but the purchase price will be different.


So what is Officetel apartment? What are the characteristics of the Officetel Binh Duong apartment? And the purchase price to sell apartments on the market how much? Now that has been clarified. Currently, Officetel quality apartment products have been provided by www.officetel.vn/en. So if you are in need of options, please contact us for the most detailed consultation.



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