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Officetel apartment for sale, apartment combined office work


Officetel apartment projects are open for sale in Binh Duong


How is the Officetel apartment market for rent in Binh Duong?


Is it possible to invest, buy, sell, or rent an Officetel apartment here during this period?


These are the questions of most people when pouring capital into real estate. Understand that so right now will be the detailed answers for you


Officetel apartment is currently a model that is strongly interested by investors. Especially in Binh Duong market, Officetel apartment development projects are becoming more active. Should buying an Officetel apartment in Binh Duong is not the top keyword to be searched for most on direct internet sites


Officetel Binh Duong for sale
Officetel apartment building is open for sale in Binh Duong



What are the investment advantages of Officetel apartments compared to conventional apartments and traditional offices?
So what does Officetel mean? In fact, the Officetel apartment is a 2-in-1 apartment model. The product can both be utilized as an office and can create a short-term accommodation space. The apartment fully inherits the features of a house, a hotel and an office. The apartments are fully designed with related functions. Including: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, large working room One of the next differences when comparing the correlation relationship between the two models is the building utility. Specifically, the use of internal and working facilities is different between these two real estate models.
What type of Officetel apartments are being opened for sale in Binh Duong
Officetel apartments are usually office types combined with 1 bedroom apartments, with an area of 30 -50 m2. Fully equipped with amenities like a normal apartment
What Officetel apartment projects are being opened for sale in Binh Duong?
Projects in Thuan An: Officetel Lavita Thuan An Binh Duong Projects in Di An: Projects in Thu Dau Mot: Projects in Tan Uyen: Officetel Techport City Tan Uyen Projects in Ben Cat:
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