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Legal apartments Officetel, the relevant legal regulations investors need to know

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Legal apartments Officetel, the relevant legal regulations investors need to know


Officetel apartments are one of the more and more developed types of real estate in Vietnam. This type of product is a combination of two forms of office and leisure space. So compared to previous real estate products, the Officetel apartment type is quite new. Therefore, the legal issue of Officetel apartments, the relevant legal regulations, are always concerned by investors. So to better understand this issue, do not ignore the following article.


Regulations related to legal issues of ownership of apartments Officetel


Officetel apartments are developed with a different motif from common apartment real estate projects. Therefore, this type of apartment combining office and house has many regulations related to legal issues that investors need to understand. The most important are the legal issues of Officetel apartments about ownership:


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Apartment legal Officetel about the ownership of the apartment


Ownership period


For normal apartment real estate projects, there are also regulations on time to own. In which, if you are Vietnamese, the apartment ownership period after the purchase and sale is completed will be permanent ownership. As for foreign investors, the term of ownership is only 50 years.


For Officetel apartments, the law states that the owner has the right to own the apartment for 50 years. This is the maximum time limit specified by the law. After the 50-year ownership period, the owner needs to go through the renewal procedure to be able to continue using his apartment.


If you are a foreigner who buys and sells apartments Officetel, the law also has regulations on apartment ownership. In which foreigners will only be allowed to own the only type of real estate in Officetel. As a result, foreigners will not be able to own a mixed-use business and residence apartment.


According to the law on Officetel apartments, the owners of Officetel apartments only have Vietnamese citizenship. Or Vietnamese people living abroad are also allowed to own this type of apartment.


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Officetel apartments have a shelf life of 50 years


Property ownership


Legal apartments Officetel also has very clear rules about property ownership. Therefore, after a successful transaction of investment in Officetel apartment purchase, it will be issued a certificate of full project ownership. This type of document will be decided by the competent authority.


After being granted the property ownership certificate, the investor will be able to use the apartment at his / her own discretion. Such as:


● Build a house for your family


● Apartment for rent


● Use the apartment as pledge


● Use the apartment as collateral


●… ..


Just complete the investment procedures for buying and selling, Officetel apartments officially belong to investors. Investors will be the ones who decide for themselves what the purpose of the apartment they own, .., without any strings attached, illegal.


Apartments legal provisions Officetel regarding the right to use the apartment


The investment in buying and selling apartments always requires high legal issues. All exchange, purchase, sale and use must be done in accordance with the provisions of the law. Legal regulations not only apply to the ownership of an apartment, but also the right to use the apartment has its own rules. The legal framework of Officetel apartments has the following provisions:


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel legal provisions on use rights


Residential apartment not used for office


The use of Officetel apartments after a successful purchase and sale is also regulated by law. In particular, the most prominent is the regulation that the apartment for living will not be allowed to use for office. This means that apartments used for living will not be converted to sales offices.


Officetel apartments have the characteristic that the living space and the office are designed together, so many people will not understand this regulation. However, according to law, the purpose of use must be registered before putting an apartment into use. Areas used for business offices and residential areas must be clearly separated. If you do not comply with the regulations, you will be judged by law.


Officetel apartments do not allow legal residency


For Officetel apartments, owners will not be allowed to legally reside. This means that the investor is not allowed to register the household registration number with the address of the apartment he owns. If the owner wants to register for the household registration book, he / she can choose the form of residence. You only need to register fully and select the duration of your stay will be allowed to register.


Officetel Binh Duong
Do not use Officetel housing as an office




Thus, the article has just finished sharing the legal issue of Officetel apartments, the relevant legal provisions that investors need to know. If you have any questions or want to learn more content you have tTo access the website: www.officetel.vn/en for support.

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