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Officetel Apartments: An attractive investment channel in Binh Duong

Officetel Binh Duong


Officetel Apartments: An attractive investment channel in Binh Duong


Binh Duong is a suburban real estate market that is interested by investors. Real estate products are born with many different types of development. In which the dominant product is the apartment. However, when the supply exceeded the demand, the bustle of the market was no longer strong. Facing that situation, Officetel apartment was born, creating a new breakthrough to help the real estate market of Binh Duong become hotter.


Officetel apartments formed to meet the thirst between Binh Duong real estate market


Apartment Officetel is actually a new apartment model. This apartment model has not been imported to Vietnam for a long time. Most products are concentrated in major cities and provinces such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. However, the attractiveness of the product is not small at all.


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel apartments are very hot in Binh Duong


Specifically, according to statistics, Officetel apartment products in major cities are being interested. The proof is based on consumption statistics of 98%. From 2014 to 2019, supply growth was equally bustling. Only from 600 Officetel units has increased to 12,000 units.


Meanwhile in Binh Duong, Officetel apartment products have not been focused. Initially, the main investors developed the apartment model. Therefore, many businesses and companies aspire to enjoy the space in Officetel apartments. Especially when the current Binh Duong is also gradually developing strongly.


So when an Officetel project was born as a "fat cake" to attract customers. This is the potential for profitability for investors investing in capital.


The landing of many big men in Officetel apartment real estate bustles the Binh Duong market


Another factor that bustles the Binh Duong real estate market when Officetel apartments appear is the arrival of real estate giants. This is like confirming the value of Officetel apartments compared to conventional apartments. As well as a preliminary assessment of the development potential of the Officetel apartments here.


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel apartments are invested and developed by many real estate giants


Because once the big boys pay attention it means that Officetel products are getting a lot of attention. No big man is not calculating carefully when developing a project to market. Therefore, the bustle in buying, selling, and investing in Officetel Binh Duong real estate is even more vibrant.


Specifically, according to statistics up to now, Officetel Binh Duong real estate recorded a number of big companies with outstanding projects as follows. Stay tuned for useful information in your pocket.


● Investor An Gia Investment. Investor of The Gio Riverside project


● Investor Dat Phuoc. Development of The Rivana Binh Duong project


● Investor BCONS. Bcons City and Bcons Bee project development


● Investor Chanh Nghia Quoc Cuong. Development of C River View, C Sky View project


● Investor of Phu Dong Group. Project development Him Lam Phu Dong, Phu Dong Smart City


Officetel Binh Duong apartment with reasonable price and high profit potential


Officetel apartments attract customers and investors also come from the sale price of apartments here. Accordingly, unlike ordinary apartment products, the purchase and sale price, Officetel investment is much cheaper. But the quality of the apartment is completely superior. Fully functional products, with reception desk, company name plate, elevator system, related utilities, ... In which apartment price ranges from 1.5 billion VND to over 3 billion VND when buying and selling.


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel apartments in Binh Duong with reasonable prices


On the other hand, despite the low buying and selling prices, according to experts, the profit potential is very high. Especially when the market here is "thirsty" for Officetel apartments. Regardless of investing, buying and selling products on a long-term model or surfing, it is completely satisfied. The profitability can be increased by 1 to 2 prices compared to when buying. Profit potential is one of the practical factors that help investors not hesitate to pour capital.


Officetel Binh Duong apartment ensures complete legality


Unlike other markets such as Hanoi, HCM Officetel Binh Duong apartments always ensure legality. Because the product "born later, born late" on the common market ground, the legislation is now tightened. When making an investment, there is absolutely no worry of poor quality, not guaranteed legal.


Officetel Binh Duong
Legal apartment Officetel guarantees legal


On the other hand, in order to help investors choose Binh Duong as the focal point Local authorities have applied many supportive policies. That is the process of processing documents deployed quickly and accurately. Related procedures have been simplified, not too complicated like in big cities like HCM, Hanoi, ...




In general, with the advantages of the market, the demand for use and the interest of investors, it is not difficult for Officetel apartments to explode in the market. So if you have been and are planning to invest, buy and sell apartments here do not hesitate to visit www.officetel.vn/en. We will bring you the best rental products on the market.

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