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The leading factors driving the condominium market in Binh Duong to increase heat

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The leading factors driving the condominium market in Binh Duong to increase heat


According to current analysis, the apartment market in Binh Duong is very noticeable. Although affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, it is somewhat superior to the other sites. The rate of transactions and purchases has been exciting step by step, many projects have been welcoming customers and investors. So, in fact, what factors create a stepping stone that drives the market here to explode like this?


The Binh Duong apartment market is noticed when Binh Duong has successfully controlled the epidemic


In general, there are many factors contributing to the rise of the Binh Duong apartment market to heat up. And in which, Binh Duong successfully controlled the epidemic is one of the main factors.


Offictel Binh Duong apartment
Binh Duong apartment market flourishes when converging many advantages


Accordingly, local agencies have made many policies to prevent the spread of the disease. Specifically, after the Lunar New Year holidays, preschool and primary students are off the end of February 2021. The Department of Transport coordinates with the health sector to make a list of parking stops to develop a plan for monitoring and sampling. Laborers going to work after the Lunar New Year are isolated according to the required standards. In which, 26 cases from the translation area are isolated refer to the situation.


Once the epidemic improves, all real estate transactions will operate stably. At the same time is a great base for all investors to pour capital into the market.


The supply of apartments in Binh Duong is plentiful


Unlike Ho Chi Minh City, the supply in Binh Duong is very abundant. Many apartment products have formed to meet the needs of numerous customers. According to statistics from the end of 2020, up to 4,388 new apartments have been deployed. Consumption reached 93%.


Therefore, in recent years, Binh Duong is the center of the suburbs that has attracted the attention of investors. Especially, Thuan An and Di An areas belong to the bordering areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, after the translation of Covid 19, the control of the investment capital, the sharp increase in Binh Duong apartment purchase and sale is undeniable.


Officetel Binh Duong apartment
Binh Duong apartment building is abundant in supply


Demand for housing in Binh Duong is increasing strongly


On the other hand, in Binh Duong, there are 48 industrial clusters and zones in operation. These industrial parks have up to 43 countries worldwide. At the same time owns more than 50,000 foreign experts and engineers and 1 million workers and engineers. Each year resources increase from 20% to 25%. This leads to stronger housing demand.


Since then, creating a strong attraction, attracting domestic and foreign investors to flock to Binh Duong to start the project. This is the basis for the Binh Duong apartment market in 2021 to be strongly noticed.


The selling price of Binh Duong apartment is stable


The heat rise of the apartment market in Binh Duong province also comes from the selling prices of apartments here. Accordingly, compared with large market segments such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang, Binh Duong has a more complete selling price.


Specifically, in Ho Chi Minh City, the supply is scarce, the price is high. Each square meter of an apartment is sold for about 40 million VND to 45 million VND / m2. But meanwhile in Binh Duong the selling price of apartments is set at the end of 2020 - early 2021 is much lower. In which, the selling price ranges from 33 million VND / m2 to 38 million VND / m2.


Officetel Binh Duong apartment
Apartment price in Binh Duong is stable


On the other hand, such complete sale and purchase costs in the future also have the potential to increase prices. Especially when the market here is being noticed by the big players with many projects being implemented. This is indeed one of the perfect attractions of Binh Duong apartment products.


Legal procedures are quick and easy for all investors to buy and sell


This is also one of the key factors helping the Binh Duong apartment market to increase heat. Accordingly, in order to meet the needs of investors, Binh Duong authorities and departments have provided maximum support in the process of handling documents and legal documents. Accordingly, the application procedure will be handled quickly and the implementation stages are simplified.


Besides, the province also has open policies to attract investors. The province ensures that the proposed policies must be clear, open and transparent, creating the best conditions for foreign investors to work. Through the development of industrial zones, the province will solve employment problems for workers. At the same time, creating an optimal supply - demand for housing helps real estate development become vibrant again.


Officetel Binh Duong apartment
Apartments in Binh Duong are attractive to investors with high legal statusư


There are also many other factors that make the Officetel Binh Duong apartment market bustling this year. For example, Binh Duong apartment has a variety of options, traffic infrastructure is invested synchronously. Or Binh Duong becomes a WTO member, a smart city, Di An - Thuan An becomes a satellite city, ...So if you are planning to invest, buy and sell apartments here, please contact www.officetel.vn quickly to own the best product.

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