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What are the quality standards for managing Officetel apartments?

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What are the quality standards for managing Officetel apartments?


Officetel apartment type was formed and developed in Vietnam market in recent years. This is an office apartment combined with a hotel with many impressive amenities. However, HoREA said that Officetel is showing signs of transforming into ordinary residential apartments. So it is essential that you apply correctly the 5 standards proposed to improve the quality of Officetel apartment management.


Preliminary study about the Officetel apartment model


Before going into the quality standards of apartment management, how is Officetel? Let's take a look at preliminary information about the product. This will help you pocket for useful relevant knowledge. And especially get more experience when managing.


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Officetel apartment management


Specifically Officetel apartment is a new apartment model. This is a combination of two different product types. It is Officetel and Hotel. Or to put it more simply, the apartment is in the form of an office model that combines accommodation features. Products inherit the characteristics of a house, hotel and office. So the product is both a pure office and a comfortable place to stay.


Basically Officetel apartment model came to Vietnam for a while. This type of apartment converges in itself the basic values ​​that users need. For example, you can use the address of the apartment to register to open an office, you can experience impressive utilities, ... And especially now the selling price of the apartment is not too high compared to conventional apartment products. So many types of customers can completely buy. Especially for small and medium companies or start-ups.


5 Standards to improve the quality of apartment management Officetel


A standard Officetel apartment, attracting investors to buy and sell, the Officetel apartment management needs to meet the standards. And to do that, Officetel apartments need to meet all 5 criteria that HoREA recommends below.


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Officetel apartment management quality improvement standards


Meet scale standards


HoREA - HCM Real Estate Association has proposed that the management of a good quality Officetel apartment must first meet the Officetel area scale. Thus, the new apartment ensures airy, spacious and flexible use. Since then, new customers are satisfied when residing and working.


Specifically, according to HoREA, the best apartments must ensure the lowest area is 25m2 / room to 50m2 / room. Although the apartment area is not high, it must meet all the criteria for functional rooms inside. Include as:


● Bedroom


● Living room


● The restroom


● Bathroom


● Kitchen


● Office work area


All apartments must be well-ventilated. Office work area has a spacious comfortable area for the work of customers.


Meet population standards


Another criterion that follows is the population of Officetel apartments. Accordingly, when building, it must meet the population criterion equivalent to 50% of the target of the population of the house. Absolutely not distinguish an independent Officetel project or project. Or are located in a mixed apartment building.


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel construction meets population standards


Meet the criteria for parking areas


When building Officetel apartments, attention should be paid to the parking system. Accordingly, the appropriate parking norm for the Officetel type is to balance the parking area. However, it is not necessary to arrange a private car park. In particular, parking arrangements must be the responsibility of the apartment management. Thus, customer satisfaction is high. At the same time, improve the efficiency and efficiency of parking area management. Absolutely avoid the rare occurrence.


Meet layout criteria


This is one of the most important issues that need to be addressed at the top. Especially for the case of mixed apartment buildings and Officetel. Accordingly, the results of general agreement Officetel must be arranged in the stratum position. Officetel traffic separate from residential areas. Thus, the view of Officetel apartment will become perfect in accordance with office standards. At the same time bring professional quality of service to a standard modern product.


For management


In terms of management, the best management measures should be introduced. And most of all, it is necessary to have an effective management mechanism. Specifically, the issue of security, safety, fire protection, quality of services related. In particular, the mechanism of the management of the legal corridor of Officetel apartments needs to be tightened. If so, the efficiency in business can really meet the standard.


Officetel Binh Duong
Tighten the management of apartments Officetel




So above are the shares related to the management of Officetel apartments like? Hopefully through that you will have a more realistic view of this issue. If you still have any questions, please visit the website www.officetel.vn. Surely all your questions will be answered in the shortest time.

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