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What is the difference between Officetel and traditional office?

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What is the difference between Officetel and traditional office?


Officetel is a new type of real estate launched in Vietnam. However, after being put into application, the Officetel apartment model quickly became a strong wave in the real estate market in the country. So a question posed by a large number of customers is how is the Officetel apartment model different from the traditional office that is so popular? www.officetel.vn invite readers to follow the following article to learn more.


About Officetel apartments


Officetel apartments are a type of apartment that combines the flexibility of accommodation and office features. Hotel-type accommodation space and office-type working space. Officetel apartments are designed to bring luxury and classy living and working spaces with full amenities for users. So Officetel apartments help users feel relaxed and comfortable to enjoy life even in daily life and while working.


Officetel Binh Duong
Apartment Officetel - Apartment model is very popular today


In recent years, the Officetel segment is the investment trend of many real estate giants. The level of customer interest in this apartment segment is also higher. Therefore, according to real estate experts' prediction in the coming years, Officetel apartment model will grow stronger. Compared to the media office models, many customers have a love for Officetel apartments. Especially for customers who need a medium-sized office, families do not have a well-off financial situation.


So what is the difference between Officetel and traditional office?


What is the difference between Officetel and traditional office? In general, to compare the 2 models of apartment real estate Officetel and traditional office will have many recognizable differences. You can rely on outstanding criteria such as area, rental price, ... to easily see the difference between these two real estate models.


On the minimum area of ​​Officetel apartments and traditional offices


The most noticeable difference between these two real estate models is the minimum area. For Officetel apartments the minimum area required is about 30 to 50 square meters. If you want to increase the area can only increase to 45 to 78m2. In addition, the legality of this project model does not allow apartments to exceed this specified area.


Officetel Binh Duong
What is the difference between Officetel and traditional office?


In exchange for traditional office models, the area can be larger when the minimum area is 50m2. Thus a comparison between the two regulations on construction area will see a very clear difference. Officetel apartments will be suitable for small businesses with few employees. If you want to own a large-scale office, a traditional office is the most reasonable choice.


About the general utility of the building


What is the difference between Officetel apartments and traditional offices? One of the next differences when comparing the correlation relationship between the two models is the building utility. Specifically, the use of internal and working facilities is different between these two real estate models.


For traditional offices, utilities will be integrated in the office. Often important utilities such as cafes, banks, ... However, with the Officetel apartment model, the layout and use of the utility system is completely different. Apartment Officetel Binh Duong is not built with utilities in the apartment space, but will use common facilities with the building.


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel apartments have limited area compared to traditional offices


So with Officetel apartments, owners will share utilities with other customers in the building. As for traditional offices, owners can experience a private space in the office with built-in utilities without having to share with anyone else.


About working time


Officetel apartments are designed to combine the working space and resting space. Therefore, when comparing the two models of Officetel apartments and traditional offices, the factor of working time is very different. For Officetel apartments, owners can stay overnight. After a period of administrative work, people do not need to go home but stay to work overtime, which will be very convenient.


As for the traditional office model, it only allows people to work during office hours only. After working time, everyone has to go home because there is no place to rest.


Some other differences


● Utilities for work


● Management fee


● Average monthly rental


Officetel Binh Duong
Officetel apartment fully supports resting and working space




Thus, the Officetel apartment is nothing different from a traditional office tube? Based on the above analysis, you definitely have the answer for yourself. If you want to find more information, you can visit the website: www.officetel.vn/en.

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